New Frontiers: 4 Innovative Platforms You Can Find Sports Marketing

Throughout the world, people are fascinated by sports and athletes. From American football to baseball, basketball to tennis and every sport in between, people will tune in to watch their favorite teams. This is also a chance for them to spend time with family and friends and have friendly competitions or create memories. Since the popularity and availability of sports have grown, it’s now possible to find sports marketing in more innovative places.

New Frontiers of Sports Marketing

The biggest influence on sports marketing has been digital transformation. The web and social media has made it easier than ever for people to get news about their teams or favorite players and interact with them. They can also watch games and highlights as well as share their own opinions and ideas about what is going on in the sport’s world. Below are some of the emerging platforms you can find sports marketing and activations:

Social Media

With more than a billion people on Facebook and millions of uses on Twitter and Instagram, social media has its share of sports marketing. The great thing about these mediums is that they are often free or low cost, and the athletes themselves can participate in promotion—and many of them do.

Athletes already have a built-in fan base, so when they go onto social media, they will get a lot of followers. This can be used to a business’ advantage, and the players can nonchalantly promote events and create a connection with their fans to a new product or service.


Not only can you find sports highlights and other videos on YouTube, but you can also find fans and athletes alike talking about games and other sports-related issues. Fans also have the opportunity to post videos about their experiences at a game. Whether they intend to or not, this markets for the sponsors or events, and there’s an opportunity for a company to get in front of more people and encourage people to buy a specific product or game ticket.

Gaming and Esports

As technology advances, it’s possible for people across the world to play video games with one another. Being in another state or country is no longer an excuse not to connect and have some fun. There are even sponsored esports events where people can show off their skills and win a lot of money.

This is a great way to do sports marketing because people enjoy playing games and being competitive and are just as likely to notice a sponsored spot in a big esports event or live stream as a traditional sporting event. These are popular because people can show how good they are at a game, even if they aren’t athletically inclined. It also connects them with the sport on a different level.

In Other Industries

Athletes have always been used to promote sports products, including shoes, clothing, and audio gear. However, it’s now possible to find them in other industries outside of sports. This could include social movements or even selling baked goods. Since they already have a following, when they move into other industries, they take their selling power with them.

Benefits of New Sports Marketing Frontiers

When it comes to new sports marketing frontiers, the benefits of going into innovative and untapped platforms is a great way to get your name in front of a new set of potential customers. If you’re looking for some new frontiers for your sports marketing, contact Dynasty Innovation. We can help you get your message out in unconventional and conventional ways so that you can connect to your next customer and promote your brand as well as your service or product.

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