About Dynasty Innovation

We are not your traditional corporate consulting firm

At Dynasty Innovation, we bring the same philosophy to your business that won a Superbowl. We develop the right game plan, roll up our sleeves, and get to work. That’s our real strategy.

Our Philosophy

Successful businesses are driven by their team’s commitment to develop the right plan, and execute at a high level. Like championship sports teams, all winning businesses know how to do these thing well:

Understand the game plan

The team understands the competition, and develops the right strategy to win

Know your role

Every team member understands their role, and buys into executing it at a highest level

Adjust and innovate

The team is knowledge and flexible enough to adjust the plan and innovate when its necessary

“His production, consistency, toughness and work ethic were second to none. You always knew what you were going to get from Marques, and that was everything that he had.”

-New Orleans Saints Head Coach, Sean Payton

About Our Founder

Accomplished Superbowl champion to serial entrepreneur and growth consultant

Marques Colston

Founder, Managing Partner

Super Bowl XLIV champion, Marques Colston, is the New Orleans Saints all-time franchise leader in receptions, receiving yards, and total touchdowns. In addition to his playing career, Colston has won 3 championships as an owner and operator in arena football. He plans to repeat his dominance off the field as a leading growth entrepreneur at the intersection of sports, technology, and digital media. It is his, “Irrational Confidence,” which informs his business endeavors.

Colston adds 7+ years of ownership experience in pro sports, serving three years as President and General Manager for the Harrisburg Stampede while still an active NFL player. In his role, Colston actively managed day-to-day business operations including sponsorship, marketing, and game operations, and community outreach initiatives. During his 3-year tenure, the organization saw consecutive increases in attendance, ticket sales, and sponsorship revenue, while successfully negotiating a new venue partnership with Hershey Entertainment and Resorts.

He blends a unique combination of sports industry expertise with operational experience, business development, and strategic insights across multiple industries to drive value and growth.

“I believe there are parallels between success in business and winning championships in professional sports, competing against the best athletes in the world.  Teams and individuals can outwork and out-strategize the competition to stack the odds of success in their favor.”

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