Entrepreneur in Residence

We help companies expand their management capabilities.

Some small businesses and emerging companies lack the resources necessary to build a championship caliber management team. We provide growing businesses with access to experienced operators and problem solvers that bring a fresh perspective and add diverse talent to your roster.

Acting Manager

We join the team as a trusted advisor and teammate to help develop strategies designed to accelerate the business into unique growth opportunities

Business Development

We develop strategies designed to boost visibility and market share, while pursing and executing on strategic partnership opportunities

Strategic Advisor

We collaborate with management to come up with strategies that maximize business assets and leverage the strengths of the team

Is your business ready to level up?

Our Entrepreneur in Residence service is designed to help your team get to the next level. We take a hands-on approach, working directly with entrepreneurs and managers as a trusted advisor and teammate, focused on helping your business grow.


What makes us different?

Our Entrepreneur in Residence service gives SMBs and emerging companies access to an experienced, management talent- when they need it.

Diverse Skills

We’re operators that specialize in marketing, biz dev, and capital strategy

Business Development

We find and close new business opportunities in current and emerging markets

Flexible Pricing

Not ready for a full time employee? Hire our team on a contract and project basis


We help to establish KPIs and metrics to hold everyone accountable- including us

A catalyst for growth

We have worked with clients across industries to add value and expertise, paving the way for explosive growth opportunities.

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